Jack Dahlgren:

Meet Jack: professional swimmer for Mizzou, TST brand ambassador, and our first TST athlete on his way to the Olympics! You probably know him for his witty and hilarious reels on social media, though;) Besides cracking relatable tall jokes on his Instagram account, you might have seen him at the World University Games in Chengdu, China where he carried the American flag & brought home 4 medals. Jack swears by TallSlim Tee's Joggers as the best sweatpants for his tall slim build. Check out his Instagram for funny and relatable content (any tall guy can relate). Read more about Jack here!

Grant Bochenski:

Meet Grant: 6'7" and professional swimmer for the University of Missouri! Placing 9th in the Mizzou relay at NCAA swimming and diving championships this past year, Grant takes representing his school seriously. His TallSlim Tees favorites include our Tall Quarter Zips and Thermal Shirts, which fit his tall slim build perfectly. Nicknamed "Okie" (as in "big oak tree") in high school, Grant is not only a talented swimmer, but a genuine and driven tall guy as well. Read more about Grant in his athlete profile here, and don't forget to follow him on TikTok and Instagram!

Patrick Hemingway

Meet Patrick: Villanova University swimmer and TallSlim Tees collegiate athlete brand ambassador! Patrick is 6'6" and loves repping TallSlim around his campus. His favorite TST product is our Original Crew Neck Long Sleeve - he loves how the sleeves are long enough and how they keep him warm after swim meets. Fun fact about Patrick: he has two turtles he's had since he was a kid - who are now each 17 years old! Read more about Patrick, his accomplishments, and how he lives his tall guy lifestyle here on our recent blog. And don't forget to follow Patrick on Instagram!

Jackson Hickman

Meet Jackson: Volleyball athlete for GCU and official TallSlim Tees rep! Jackson was the 2nd All American in GCU history and played a huge part in the first GCU team to make it to a national tournament. At 6'4" he loves wearing TallSlim Tees around his campus. Check out Jackson's full interview here to learn a little more about him! And don't forget to follow him on Instagram - this guy is going places.

Caden Pierce

Meet Caden Pierce, basketball player for Princeton University and TallSlim Tees rep! Caden made it to the Sweet 16 in March Madness last year AND received #1 Most Rebounds In A Season For A Rookie (2022-23) at Princeton (that's 232 rebounds). Caden also plays the piano and loves golf, plus - his favorite TallSlim Tees product is our Everyday Joggers for the perfect cool-down fit. Check out Caden's full athlete profile here, and don't forget to follow him on Instagram!

Kyle Paulson Playing Volleyball

Kyle Paulson

Meet Kyle: Beach Volleyball athlete for USC! Kyle recently played for the US National U23 team during a recent tournament in the Dominican Republic, taking home 4th place. Besides killing it on the court, Kyle relates to the tall struggle and has had his share of tall nicknames throughout the years... Stretch, Sticks, and Tree to name a few. Kyle is a BIG fan of our Tall Everyday Shorts: "they are exactly what I look for in a pair of shorts." Read more about Kyle in his full athlete profile here!

Connor Drew

Meet Connor Drew: basketball player for Winona State University and D2 collegiate athlete rep for TallSlim Tees! Connor loves to snowmobile and play golf for fun, and his favorite TallSlim Tees product is our Long Sleeve Crew Necks. His best advice for fellow Tall Athletes? "Work harder than the day before because your opponents are working just as hard. Never get out-worked." Read more about Connor and his accomplishments in his Athlete Profile here!

Cameron Milligan

Meet Cameron: D1 Volleyball athlete who plays for Daemen University! Cameron is 6'5" (but says he's 6'6" with his volleyball shoes on;) and grew up on his parents' dairy farm. In fact, the town he grew up in was so small he only graduated with 36 other students! He loves being tall ("dunking is pretty sweet") and rocks TallSlim Tees Hoodies after practice. Read more about Cameron here!

Vernon Collins

Meet Vernon Collins: 6'11" basketball player for Princeton University and TallSlim Tees ambassador! Vernon loves video games, TallSlim Tees Hoodies, and juggling. His greatest athletic feat? Playing for the Princeton men's basketball team that went to the NCAA Sweet 16. Vernon loves how his height is a conversation starter - and we love cheering him on! Read more about Vernon on his athlete profile here!

Niko Hales

Meet Niko: Volleyball athlete and our first high school athlete ambassador! Niko committed to BYU and can't wait to play volleyball for them in the future. He's also a 1700 rated player on chess.com and his friends call him "little guy." Niko's favorite TallSlim Tees product? "TheTallSlim Jogger pantsfor sure!" Read more about Niko and his impressive accomplishments as our youngest ambassador to date here!

Tim Kirchner

Meet Tim Kirchner: lacrosse player for the University of Denver! Tim comes from a big family (18 grandchildren!) and played 3 varsity sports in high school (impressive, I know). Since his father's name is also Tim, his family often calls him "big little Tim." His favorite TallSlim Tees product is the Pro-Performance Tee because it's breathable, flatters his tall form, and feels comfortable at practice. Read more about Tim here!

Ty Adams

Meet Ty: basketball player for Colorado State University in Pueblo! We love supporting athletes in our home state, and Ty's track record is impressive. He played AAU and placed 3rd in Las Vegas Live tournament. At 6'8" his favorite TallSlim Tees product is our comfortable Jogger Sweatpants. Nicknamed "Tree" from time to time, he's well acquainted with #tallstruggle. Check out Ty's full profile here!

Seyi (Tim) Adetukasi

Meet Tim: basketball player for Concordia University Irvine and TallSlim Tees ambassador! Tim loves outer space and playing soccer in his free time. His favorite TST product? The Midweight Pullover Hoodie - "I'm someone that prioritizes being comfortable in what I wear." Tim preaches authenticity in your unique person, and we're big fans. His best advice for fellow athletes? "Stay disciplined, and enjoy the present moment." Read more about Tim and his accomplishments here!

BJ Anderson

Meet BJ: Basketball player for Angelo State University and TallSlim Ambassador in Texas. BJ wakes up every morning and touches the ceiling without jumping to start his day (just tall guy things, you know how it is). His tall nickname is "Slim Jim" and he's a big fan of tall shirts that fit his slim frame. BJ shares some inspiring advice for tall athletes in his profile here - make sure to check it out!

Guilherme Voss Messias dos Santos

Meet Guilherme: volleyball athlete for the University of Hawaii at Manoa! Guilherme won back to back NCAA championships in 21' and 22', and loves the tall guy POV. His favorite TallSlim product is our tall Hoodies - perfect for post-practice and everything in between. At 6'7" we're happy he found clothes that finally fit;) Read more about Guilherme here!

Ben Averitt

Meet Ben: 6'5" basketball athlete for the University of Central Oklahoma. Ben (or "Big Ben" as his friends call him), is an all-state player and has scored over 1,000 points in his career so far. He's a big fan of our Tall Midweight Pullover Hoodies, and enjoys chess and football on his off days. His advice to fellow athletes? "Just have fun and enjoy it while it lasts." Read more about Ben here!

Will Asken

Meet Will: basketball player for Barton College in South Carolina and big fan of Harry Potter! At 6'9" he towers above the competition and gets some surprised faces when he walks down the street. Dubbed "Big Will" by his coaches, he loves the sport he plays and was able to compete for a banner in his first two years as a collegiate athlete. His favorite TallSlim essential? Our Long Sleeve Shirts! Read more about Will in his profile here!

Ty Allred

Meet Ty: 6'9" basketball player for the Colorado Mesa. Ty loves sweatpants and a hoodie that fit. He plays the guitar and enjoys golf and ping pong in his free time. Called "Big T" by his friends, he towers above the competition here in TallSlim's home state! Ty's favorite thing about being tall? "When people ask me how tall I am. I tell them I'm only 5'8 and love seeing their reaction." Read more about Ty in his profile here!

Max Roquet

Meet Max: volleyball athlete for Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois! Max loves country music (but has yet to go to a concert?) and often gets asked "how's the weather up there?" At 6'8" his favorite TallSlim staple is a classic tee. Max shared shared some sage advice in his recent athlete profile with us... read more about Max here!

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