Tall Athlete Profile: BJ Anderson

Tall Athlete Profile: BJ Anderson

BJ Plays basketball for Angelo State University and wakes up every morning to touch his ceiling without jumping (just tall guy things). Read about him here!

BJ is an awesome basketball athlete and loves wearing TallSlim around his campus. He wakes up every morning and touches the ceiling without jumping (just tall guy things, you know how it is). Read more about BJ here!

Name: BJ Anderson

Height: 6'5"

The Sport You Play: Basketball

TallSlim Tees Size: M

Who do you play basketball for?

I play for Angelo State University.

What is your greatest athletic achievement?

My greatest athletic achievement is Playing for a Conference Title.

BJ Anderson Playing Basketball

Share a weird/funny fact about yourself!

I wake up every morning and touch the ceiling without jumping 🤣

Have you ever been given a "tall nickname" before?

People call me "Slim Jim."

What’s your favorite sport to play just for fun?

Football is my favorite sport to play for fun!

BJ Anderson Playing Basketball

What's your favorite thing about being tall?

How I can help people reach things off the fridge or shelf, etc...

What is your favorite thing to wear as a tall slim guy? 

I love wearing slim fit shirts

Share your best advice or encouragement to fellow athletes:

Don't let no one cancel you, when you work they will be there to see you win - you are the prize, king.

We love supporting you and can't wait to see where life takes you, BJ! Thanks for sharing your story.

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