The Story of How it All Began

About TallSlim Tees


TallSlim Tees Owner Sam Huebner

If you're a tall guy, you know how difficult it is to find clothing that fits.

Either you settle for "big and tall" clothing that's baggy and boxy, or you try to squeeze into a shirt that's far too short.

TallSlim Tees owner Sam Huebner struggled with clothing his entire life. At 6'4", he was just tall enough to make a typical t-shirt fit like a crop top.

After years of awkward fits and dorky outfits, he wanted a solution. That's where TallSlim Tees came into the picture. Measured to precision and tailored for the tall, everything at TallSlim Tees fits tall guys all the way from 6'0" flat to 7'0" tall. And now Sam finally has a wardrobe that fits him;)

As we grow, Sam's mission is to keep providing tall guys more clothing options! We've expanded from simple t-shirts to joggers, hoodies, and button ups - and Sam has big ideas moving forward. There's something here for every tall guy.

Check out this (hilarious) video if you want to learn more about why TallSlim Tees might be a good fit for you: