Tall Athlete Profile: Seyi (Tim) Adetukasi

Tall Athlete Profile: Seyi (Tim) Adetukasi

Tim Adetukasi plays basketball for Concordia Irvine and preaches authenticity - and we're big fans. Read more about Tim here!
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Tim plays basketball for Concordia University Irvine and loves our Midweight Pullover Hoodie... read more about this tall titan below!

Name: Seyi (Tim) Adetukasi

Height: 6'6"

The Sport You Play: Basketball

TallSlim Tees Size: XL

Who do you play basketball for?

I play for Concordia University Irvine!

What is your greatest athletic achievement?

Biggest sporting achievement was making the Sweet 16 at Indiana Wesleyan, after winning conference tournament.

Seyi Adeukasi with TallSlim Tees Playing Basketball

Share a weird/funny fact about yourself!

I’m a big fan of space because of how vast it is and the secrets it holds that could enrich the minds of all human beings.

Have you ever been given a "tall nickname" before?

A lot of people call me Big T.

What’s your favorite sport to play just for fun?

My favorite fun sport is English Football.

Seyi Adetukasi Playing Basketball with TallSlim Tees

What's your favorite thing about being tall?

It's just my perspective, so as you come to learn yourself you adjust to your perspective of the world.

When learning about the perspectives of others, you come to understand the difference, and appreciate how they are unique.

What is your favorite thing to wear as a tall slim guy? 

I like the hoodie. I'm someone that prioritizes being comfortable in what I wear. I feel if you are comfortable then you always allow yourself to stay genuine to who you are.

Share your best advice or encouragement to fellow athletes:

Stay disciplined, and enjoy the present moment.

Thanks for being a standup tall guy, Tim! We love cheering you on as you play - but more than anything, you inspire us to stay genuine and authentic.

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