Tall Athlete Profile: Caden Pierce

Tall Athlete Profile: Caden Pierce

Caden Pierce plays basketball for Princeton and loves repping TallSlim Tees around his campus. Read more about our latest tall athlete brand ambassador here!

Today we interviewed Caden Pierce, basketball player for Princeton Univeristy! Read a little bit more about him below...

Name: Caden Pierce

Height: 6’7"

The Sport You Play: Basketball

TallSlim Tees Size: L

Who do you play basketball for?

Princeton University.

What is your greatest athletic achievement?

Making it to the Sweet 16 in March Madness last year! I also received #1 Most Rebounds In A Season For A Rookie, (2022-23) at Princeton (232).

Caden Pierce Playing Basketball

Share a weird/funny fact about yourself!

I played piano for 7 years.

Have you ever been given a "tall nickname" before?

A high school coach of mine used to call me Stilts.

What’s your favorite sport to play just for fun?

I love to play golf!

Caden Pierce Dunking Basketball

What's your favorite thing about being tall?

Being able to reach things far away.

What is your favorite thing to wear as a tall slim guy? 

The Everyday Jogger Pants are definitely my favorite.

Share your best advice or encouragement to fellow athletes:

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away, put your head down and keep working hard!

Thanks for repping TallSlim Tees and crushing it at basketball, Caden!

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