Doable Strategies to Battle the Winter Blues: Tall Man Edition

Doable Strategies to Battle the Winter Blues: Tall Man Edition

Feeling the winter blues? You're not alone. Here are 10 doable strategies for feel more like yourself this winter:
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Hey tall guys! Today we're hitting a deeper topic, because it's close to our hearts here at TallSlim Tees - and we're excited to share it with you.

The Elephant in the Room

Men's mental health is often overlooked, but we want to flip the script.

It doesn't have to be taboo, off-limits, or awkward. It's a real part of everyone's life, and it's important to take care of yourself.

As winter rolls in, it's harder to keep a positive perspective. Turns out, there are a logical reasons for feeling that way - and doable strategies to fight those winter blues.

Here are 10 doable strategies to battle those winter blues this holiday season: 

1. "Self-Care" - Tall Guy Style

"Self-Care" is a bit of a buzzword these days, but before you check out and roll your eyes, I'd like to redefine the word first. "Self-care" doesn't have to be elaborate bath soaks, gourmet meals, and a 15-step skincare routine. True self-care just looks like brushing your teeth in the morning, making the bed, eating breakfast.

It really boils down to simple hygiene and basic needs we tend to neglect when we're in our heads. When I'm struggling, it's hard to get dressed and brush my hair in the morning. But every time I do, I feel an ounce better.

Do the little things. Do what makes you feel "put-together." Be intentional about a routine that gets you back into a rhythm that makes you feel normal.

2. Get Some Vitamin D

Depression and anxiety aren't just about your thoughts - they are heavily linked to the vitamins and nutrients your body needs, and when you don't get them, you might not feel yourself.

A big vitamin your body needs is Vitamin D - and in the winter, you don't get as much of it. This is where those winter blues come in.

Take a Vitamin D supplement every day, especially in the winter. You'll notice a difference. They are easy to find at your local grocery store.

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3. Go to Therapy (you won't regret it)

Therapy was one of the best decisions I ever made, and believe me - I was nervous to go at first. There's still a strange taboo feeling around it, as if people hear you say "I'm going to therapy" and automatically think the worst.

The truth is, everyone needs therapy in different seasons. Just like it's important to go to the doctor for a checkup on your physical health, it's just as important to go to a therapist for a checkup on your mental health.

Do your research - find one that's within your health insurance and aligns with your beliefs. Choose between in-person or online, whatever fits your schedule. And just try it - I promise you won't regret it.

4. Eat a Balanced Diet

We talked about how mental health is connected to the vitamins your body needs - but it's also connected to the foods you eat. It's easy to feel down when you're eating junk food and your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs.

You don't need to go extreme of course - it's all about balance. Just make sure your body is getting fruits and vegetables each day, along with a healthy dose of protein. Your mind will thank you.

5. Find Consistent Community

It's tough finding community, but once you find the right group of friends, it's amazing.

If you don't have that already, start looking. It'll feel awkward, and it'll take effort. But it's worth it. Join the men's group at your church, start a pickup game of basketball at your gym, text an old friend and start meeting more consistently.

Isolation might be the comfortable, easy thing to do, but there is no joy in loneliness. Get out of your house, see a friend, and meet someone new.

6. Prioritize Exercise

Consistent exercise is proven to fend off anxiety and depression, so making it a priority in the winter is so important. It's never easy to drag yourself to the gym, especially if it's freezing cold outside. But you'll never regret showing up and putting in the hard work.

Adjust your workouts to what's fun for you. If that's basketball, play basketball. If that's lifting weights, lift weights. It's okay to work your way up to a place of pushing yourself - showing up is something to be proud of by itself.

7. Tell Guilt to Back Off

Guilt is a fast track to mental health problems. And it's a universal feeling - we all feel guilty for the mistakes we make, the person we aren't, and who we wish we were.

Practice giving yourself grace. It's tougher than it looks, but it makes a world of difference. When you make mistakes (because they will happen), take an intentional moment to step back and view the big picture. What is really important? Being perfect, or being present? Never stumbling, or always learning from the stumbles?

When you feel guilt, tell it to back off. Sometimes I say it out loud! (LOL) You get to choose how you feel about yourself. You get to choose.

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8. Practice Affirmations

Sometimes it's hard to believe the truth - believing a lie about yourself is more comfortable and familiar. Saying something out loud can help your brain hold onto it more, as if it's more tangible. So start your day with a simple reminder of the truth: "I'm dope-ass tall guy. I'm awesome. I'm confident. I'm capable."

You might not feel like a dope-ass tall guy (haha). But when you say it out loud, sometimes the feelings follow.

9. Listen to Your Body

Part of practicing grace is listening to your body. There will be days junk food, Netflix and chill, or just letting yourself be upset for a little while is the best thing you need. Other days, you might need to push yourself to wake up early, get to the gym, and work hard.

Listen to how you feel. Emotions aren't a good compass for life, but they are good indicators for what you need. Don't ignore them.

10. Reach Out

No man is an island, even the tall ones. You're not the only one who feels like this. And strength looks like reaching out - not isolating yourself or hiding how you feel.

Us tall guys need to stick together. Reach out to a friend, your doctor, a therapist - no matter what route you choose, don't hesitate to ask for help. We all need it.

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