Tall Hustle: Back Day Workouts for Tall Guys

Tall Hustle: Back Day Workouts for Tall Guys

Let’s face it tall guys: you’re probably familiar with back pain. Today, we’re sharing 4 back workouts for the tall and slim - watch the video here...

Welcome to Tall Hustle, the video series where we share workouts for tall guys!

Today we're tackling back day (wings for the tall kings), which is super important for the tall & slim. Tall guys typically struggle with more back pain due to poor posture and having to support a longer torso. We're here to help you fix that.

Check out our first episode of Tall Hustle below for Back Day workouts you should start incorporating into your daily routine:

Tall Hustle Back Day Episode 1

Want to follow our Back Day workouts tailored for the tall? Here's a simple breakdown of each workout:


Grip the bar with your palms facing outward and hands shoulder-length apart (or slightly wider, as shown in the video). Lift your body up until your chin hits the bar. Slowly lower yourself back down again before another rep. (See video above for visual example)

Targets: Your lats, chest, and shoulder muscles.

Benefits: Stronger lats reduce back pain, so pull-ups can really help with that back pain you're so familiar with.

Single Arm Pull-Downs:

Make sure the cable is above your head at about a 45° angle (If you're too tall for the machine, kneel like the athlete in the video!) Focusing on one side at a time, pull the cable back toward your torso. Pull until your bicep is perpendicular with your side. Twist your wrist on the way down. (See video above for visual example)

Targets: Your lats, biceps, traps, and rhomboids.

Benefits: By focusing on one arm at a time, you'll make sure one side isn't compensating for the other as you exercise. This helps you develop a back that's equally strong on either side.

Reverse Rows:

Grip the bar with your palms facing outward. Place your feet shoulder length apart with a slight bend. Make sure your back is straight as you allow a slight bend at the hip. Lift toward your torso until the bar touches your stomach. Lower the bar slowly before you start another rep. Breathe in as you pull up and breathe out as you lower the bar. (See video above for visual example)

Targets: Your back, shoulders, rhomboids, forearms, biceps, and triceps as well as parts of your hamstrings and glutes.

Benefits: Reverse rows are better than neutral rows for tall guys because they target more muscle groups, which makes it a great workout to keep in your back pocket for back day. 


Lay face down on the ground with your arms extended in front of you, over your head. Raise your arms and legs into the air, squeezing your glutes and back muscles as you rise. Rise and lower slow and steady, so you really start to feel that burn. (See video above for visual example)

Targets: Glutes and lower back muscles.

Benefits: A lot of us tall guys are no stranger to lower back pain. Strengthening your lower back muscles can ease that pain, which is always a win.

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