How to Wash, Maintain, and Keep Your TallSlim Tees Clothing in Tip Top Shape

How to Wash, Maintain, and Keep Your TallSlim Tees Clothing in Tip Top Shape

Congratulations, tall guys. You finally found clothing that fits. But how do take care of your TallSlim Tees now that you have it? Read on...
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Congratulations, tall guy.

What, for being tall? That's pride-worthy every day, but no, we're talking about your wardrobe. Congratulations. For finally finding clothes that fit.

You've searched your entire life, maybe you've even settled - and now you found the holy grail of tall clothing: TallSlim Tees. Finally, your shirts fit, you feel comfortable in your pants, and everyone can tell a difference: you walk with a spring in your step, a confidence in your stride. You're rocking TallSlim Tees.

The biggest problem of tall life has been solved - but your life isn't qualm-free just yet. Having all this new TallSlim Tees brings up the question...

How do you take care of it?

You want it to last. And God forbid it shrinks in the wash. So what's the protocol?

Thankfully, we're here to help. Here are a few tips on keeping your TallSlim Tees in tip top shape - so you can keep looking sharp for years to come:

Tall Guy Wearing Tall Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

1. Machine wash cold

The best thing about TallSlim Tees (besides how they fit perfectly)? Everything we sell can be machine washed cold - which means you don't have to worry about handwashing or fiddling with the delicate cycle. That includes hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, you name it.

2. Dryer-friendly

Yeah, you heard us right. Everything we sell is also dry-friendly! We recommend drying on low to minimize wrinkles, depending on your TST product. For our lighter clothing like the Bamboo Blend Tee or Button Ups, it's best to remove them from the dryer quickly. But nonetheless: we made it as easy as possible to wash your TallSlim Tees!

3. What about your Button Ups?

You might be shocked - but our Button Ups are also dryer friendly! Like we mentioned above, it's important to dry them on the low cycle and remove them quickly - but otherwise, they are easy to take care of (hence, "Easy Care";)

4. Shrinkage? Never.

We know the pain of finding a shirt that finally fits and washing it only to find it 3 sizes smaller once it's clean. We did everything we could to prevent that problem with the materials we chose! Stick to drying with cold water to be extra safe, but our shirts shouldn't shrink when they dry. Even our Waffle Crew Neck, which has a tendency to shrink after the first wash, was intentionally oversized to prepare for that first wash - so your fit is never compromised.

5. Stock Up on Staples You Love

Did you know we sell our black & white Original Tees in 3-packs - at a discount? If you know what you love already, the new year is the perfect time to stock up on essentials you know you'll wear. Save $7.50 when you buy our 3-packs for a fresh, stocked wardrobe in 2024!

You don't just deserve clothing that fits - you also deserve clothing that's easy to take care of. And with TallSlim Tees, we make sure to kill two birds with one stone;)

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