Tall Hustle: Glute Workouts (Booties for the Tall Groot-ies)

Tall Hustle: Glute Workouts (Booties for the Tall Groot-ies)

A strong Glutes translate to less lower back pain - and that's a win for the tall and slim. Watch our latest workout routine on Tall Hustle:

Welcome back to Tall Hustle, the video series where we share workouts for tall guys!

Today we're tackling Glutes workouts, which as a lot more important than you'd think. Our personal trainer D'Angelo is here to give us all the Glutes workouts we need to get that booty and develop a strong, pain-free lower back.

Watch episode 2 of Tall Hustle below for Glutes workouts you should start incorporating into your workout routine:

Tall Hustle Episode 2: Glute Workouts for Tall Guys

Want to follow our Glutes workouts tailored for the tall? Here's a simple breakdown of each workout:

Reverse Lunges

Grip your weights at your sides. As you lower into the lunge, make sure your front leg is at a 90° angle, and your knee doesn't extend past your toes. Lower slowly, stepping back with your hind leg. Then rise and repeat, switching between legs to get an equal burn.

Targets: Your quads and glutes.

Benefits: This exercise helps you with power movements, strengthening you to support your other weight lifting exercises and reducing lower back pain.

Hip Thrusts:

Lean your back against a box jump, something soft that won't dig into your back and elevates you off the ground. Place the barbell across your hips. If it digs in too much, put a towel or t-shirt between you and the weight. Rise and straighten so your torso and legs are completely straight, lifting the weight. Lower by bending at your hips.

Targets: Your hamstrings, quads, hip abductors, and most importantly, your glutes.

Benefits: This is your staple to building a strong glutes, and will help you get there fast. Work these into your routine to minimize back pain and supplement your leg workouts.


Place your feet shoulder length apart and grip the barbell with your hands facing inward. Keep your knees slightly bent. Exhale as your lift the bar, keeping your back straight and hinging at the hips. Inhale as you lower the bar slowly to the ground.

Targets: Your glutes, hamstrings, hip abductors, and lower back muscles.

Benefits: If you follow proper form with this one, this can help with lower back pain by strengthening those muscles. 

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