Do I Really Need This? 9 Purging & Organizing Tips for Tall Guys

Do I Really Need This? 9 Purging & Organizing Tips for Tall Guys

We moved into a van and had to downsize - which taught me some major purging hacks. Here's how to purge for a cleaner, simpler 2024...

eHappy New Year, tall guys!

As you step into 2024, you probably have a few resolutions in mind. Whether your new year is exercise-focused, intent on better discipline, or prepared for your best year of personal development - we're here to root you on.

But the New Year isn't just a great excuse to work on some personal milestones - it's also a great opportunity to purge, organize, and refresh your wardrobe (because do we really need everything we have?)

We recently moved into a van for a year of travel, and having to downsize from an apartment opened my eyes to how many things I actually need. News flash: it was a lot less than I expected! Have you ever stopped and thought about it?

We have 9 tips for you today on how to purge this January for a cleaner, simpler 2024. Let's get into it!

1. Do the Flipped Hanger Trick

We did this about a month before we moved into our van... Basically, flip the hangers to all the clothes in your closet outward. Each time you war something new, wash it, and put it away again, flip the hanger back to the front. At the end of a month or two, you'll have a good picture of what you actually wear - and what's just sitting there.

2. Would You Miss it if it was Gone?

If you want to really purge, decide on a final number of tops, pants, and accessories you want to keep. As you narrow down to that number, ask yourself whether you'd miss a piece of clothing if it was gone. If not - toss it in the donate bin.

3. Is It Seasonal?

Seasonal clothing is an exception to the hanger trick - make sure to pull the off-season essentials you love and pack them away for when that season comes. This frees up room in your closet - and it keeps your wardrobe fresh by rotating what you already have each season.

4. What Needs to be Replaced or Upgraded?

You might have a piece of clothing you don't want to get rid of ("I only have one snow coat" or "I can't get rid of my only pair of slacks!"), but you're not crazy about them, either. These are items that need to be replaced. If you're looking for a few good staples to fill your 2024 closet, check out our selection here!

5. Do Laundry More Often

If you have more clothes, you'll be tempted to put off laundry day. But with less clothes, you'll need to do laundry more often. Get used to frequent washes, maybe even get on a cycle, and get the full use out of the small amount of clothes you keep.

6. Wear What Makes You Feel Confident

Life is too short to wear clothes you hate or tolerate. Upgrade to clothes you truly feel confident in! When you keep a small amount of clothes you actually enjoy, you'll appreciate what you do have even more.

7. Donate Your Excess

Don't chuck your rejects - donate them to your local Goodwill! They will definitely find a home for your excess clothing, and will appreciate anything you can give. It's definitely worth the extra trip.

8. Keep Versatile Options

When you keep a smaller amount of clothes, it's important to have options that can mix and match with one another. When the variations are endless, it will feel like you have a lot more clothes than you really do.

9. Don't Stop at your Closet!

Your closet isn't the only place we have too many things... as we were moving, we were shocked to realize just how much stuff we had that we honestly didn't need! Keep the ball rolling and go through your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, even laundry room and practice similar rules. You'll feel decluttered in no time;)

Less is More

We love living a minimalistic lifestyle, because we've learned to truly appreciate the smaller resources we have! We hope the purging hacks we've picked up along the way help you as you organize for the new year:)

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