Tall Athlete Profile: Tim Kirchner

Tall Athlete Profile: Tim Kirchner

Tim Kirchner is our first lacrosse athlete ambassador! He plays for the University of Denver (TallSlim Tees' home state! Read more here...

Tim Kirchner is our first lacrosse athlete ambassador! He plays for the University of Denver (TallSlim Tees' home state!) and comes from a fun, big family. Read more about Tim below!

Name: Tim Kirchner

Height: 6'2"

The Sport You Play: Lacrosse

TallSlim Tees Size: M

Who do you play lacrosse for?

I play lacrosse for the University of Denver!

What is your greatest athletic achievement?

One of my greatest achievements was being an All-State Athlete in high school. Another big achievement was competing on three varsity sports throughout high school.

Share a weird/funny fact about yourself!

I am one of 18 grandchildren and the 5th one to play D1 lacrosse. I'm the first boy in the family to play D1 sports.

Have you ever been given a "tall nickname" before?

My dad's name is Tim as well. So my whole life they called me little Tim. But once I got tall they had to call me little big Tim.

What’s your favorite sport to play just for fun?

I love to play basketball for fun.

What's your favorite thing about being tall?

When my grandma or mom ask me to grab something off the top shelf.

What is your favorite thing to wear as a tall slim guy? 

"A short sleeve t-shirt that had a curvy bottom of it and is dry fit" (AKA our Pro-Performance Tee;) 

Share your best advice or encouragement to fellow athletes:

The biggest piece of advice I could give is always believe in yourself. I was committed to a school called Siena which is lower end D1 but I flipped after my senior year to come to University of Denver (one of the top Men's D1 Lacrosse teams) because I knew I could do better.

Tim, you are nothing short of inspiring! Thanks for repping TallSlim Tees while you crush it at lacrosse.

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