Comparing Our 2 Tall Shorts: What's Your Fit?

Comparing Our 2 Tall Shorts: What's Your Fit?

How are these two shorts different? And what's your perfect fit? Read here to learn the secret and FINALLY find shorts that fit...
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If you didn't already know... we offer shorts now!

This year, TallSlim Tees has been drifting more down the "non-tees" route, and we've been working hard to provide wardrobe staples so you can build a complete outfit you trust with us!

Today, we wanted to dive in to the big question: how are our Everyday Shorts and Athletic Shorts different? And (more importantly), which one is best for you?

Watch our owner Sam dive into these two options in our latest YouTube video:

Let's get into it:

1. 2 Length Options VS. One Length Fits All

To start off, our Everyday Shorts have 2 different size options, whereas the Athletic Shorts are more of a "one length fits all." At 10" and 12", you can choose between a trendy, shorter short or a classier, longer short. But if you're going the athletic route, you can trust they are the ideal length for that flattering athletic fit on your tall build.

2. Comfort Fit VS. Extra Stretch

A big difference in our two shorts is the material we use in each! Our Everyday Shorts are designed with 100% polyester, to provide a soft feel that's comfortable no matter where you are. Our Athletic Shorts are made with 88% polyester and 12% elastane, which gives them that extra stretch and athletic fit. Perfect for getting active.

3. Wear Every Day VS. Great for the Gym

There's a reason we named our Everyday Shorts "Everyday"... they are built for your every day lifestyle! Wear them to happy hour, frisbee golf with the guys, grocery shopping, and more. They really are comfortable no matter what. Our Athletic Shorts are a little more tailored though - they aren't perfect for every occasion, but they really shine at the gym, during a run, on bike rides, or anytime you're getting exercise.

4. Extra Pockets VS. Simple & Sleek

Our Everyday Shorts have two back pockets (and a total of 5 pockets!), making them perfect for carrying your keys, phone, wallet, and anything else you need on you for errands. Our Athletic Shorts have a slimmer feel and don't have the back pockets the Everyday Shorts do. We wanted to prioritize fit here - so you're perfectly comfortable while you get those gains.

5. Flattering Fit for Any Outfit VS. Athletic Fit Hugs All the Right Areas

Like we said, our Everyday Shorts are as versatile as they get. They look great with almost any outfit, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion! Our Athletic Shorts are more flattering when paired with an athletic shirt or tank top - they hug all the right areas and make you feel confident in the gym.

The Verdict

So which one is best for you?

At the end of the day, if you're looking for a short you can count on no matter what, our Everyday Shorts are definitely the way to go. They will come through on any occasion, and they'll become your go-to staple.

Buuuut... if you're a tall athlete, our Athletic Shorts are a much better option than the Everyday. They are more comfortable while you sweat and boost your confidence in the gym - which is a must while you build that summer bod!

Our (biased) opinion? No tall guy's wardrobe is complete without both;) But we'll leave the final decision up to you! Happy shopping, tall guys.