Athlete Profile: Will Asken

Athlete Profile: Will Asken

Will Asken is a 6'9" basketball player who towers above the competition in North Carolina. Read more about him below!

Will Asken is a 6'9" basketball player who towers above the competition in North Carolina. He's a Harry Potter fan and loves shocking kids with how tall he is. Read more about him below!

Name: Will Asken

Height: 6'9"

The Sport You Play: Basketball

TallSlim Tees Size: XL

Who do you play basketball for?

I play basketball for Barton College in North Carolina.

What is your greatest athletic achievement?

My biggest achievements are starting my first two years of collegiate basketball and making it to the conference tournament to compete for a banner.

Will Asken TallSlim Athlete

Share a weird/funny fact about yourself!

I can recite majority of all the Harry Potter movies.

Have you ever been given a "tall nickname" before?

Yes, my coaches always just call me Big Will.

What’s your favorite sport to play just for fun?

I like to play golf in my spare time.

Will Asken TallSlim Athlete Playing Basketball

What's your favorite thing about being tall?

My favorite thing about being tall is the look on kids faces when they see me, they think I'm spectacular and are in awe. I find it funny and like to make their days.

What is your favorite thing to wear as a tall slim guy? 

My favorite thing to wear as a tall guy is long sleeve shirts. I just find them the most comfortable and best looking.

Share your best advice or encouragement to fellow athletes:

Even when you think nothing is going your way and feel completely down, if you keep going everything will work itself out for you.

We're you're biggest fans, Will! Thanks for sharing about your life as a tall college athlete!

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