The Tall Man’s Guide to Weddings

The Tall Man’s Guide to Weddings

Weddings are a different game for the tall. Here are 5 essential tips for us tall folks to keep in mind at weddings...

Weddings: you either dread them or love them.

On one hand, you get a free meal and excuse to dance. On the other, you have to dress up and sacrifice time off to attend.

But as a tall guy, you might have a few more... obstacles in the wedding scene. Thankfully, we're here to help with some sage advice. 

Formal Outfits Men Vs. Women Meme

As you can see the meme above, the fact rings true: guys like to keep things simple. That's why we kept our tips straightforward and easy. Let's get after it...

1. Pick Tall-Friendly Dance Moves

You might forget the fact you have a longer wingspan as you do the "wave", but Mimi certainly won't forget the moment you slap her in the face on the dance floor. In all seriousness, us taller folks have to be a little more conscious of our wingspan when we dance.

Keep your arms tucked in as much as you can while you dance. Bend your arm to accommodate your partner as you sway. Keep your arms within two feet of your body as best you can - or find an empty corner of the dance floor and just go crazy.

2. Find the Right Outfit

It's tough finding formal clothes for your tall build, but nothing's more awkward than showing up to a wedding in a button up that barely reaches your wrists. Don't skimp on the outfit - show up sharp.

Our Dress Shirts are tailored for the tall, so you don't have to worry about poor fit or the expense of tailoring. And when in doubt? Ask the girlfriend/wife - she'll know what matches.

3. If You're a Groomsmen & Taller Than the Groom, Apologize

This one is simple, and unfortunately without a solution. We recommend bringing a small apology gift to compensate for making the groom look like a tiny short king on his wedding day. You can't change your height (and we believe you should be proud of it), but for his sake make sure he knows you're sorry.

4. Sit in the Back

If you're a guest at the wedding, make sure to sit in the back. Heaven forbid the mother of the bride has to crane her neck just to get a glimpse of her child getting married because you sat in front of her. It's best to make sure no one has to sit behind you.

Plus, you wouldn't want your head sticking up in any of the wedding photos - you want the bride and groom to be the main characters here, not your forehead.

5. Be Yourself, Have Fun

This is the most important one! Jokes aside, if you're invited to a wedding bring the fun. Enjoy the food, have fun dancing, be yourself - that's all the bride and groom want, and it's so fun having those people at the wedding who elevate the party.

Good luck, tall guys! Before you go, make sure to check out a few of our favorite tall wedding styles below...

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