Summer Travel Tips for Tall Men: How to Pack Light and Stay Stylish

Summer Travel Tips for Tall Men: How to Pack Light and Stay Stylish

Traveling as a tall guy ain't easy - here are a few practical tips on how to pack light, stay comfortable, and pack the right outfits for your next trip:

It's not always easy to pack light. Anyone else packed things they didn't use or kicked themself in the head when they realized they forgot something essential? Cause same.

Being a tall, slim guy adds an extra layer of complexity. What outfits look good and feels comfortable for travel (especially during that dreaded cramped flight)?

We know the struggle, and we're here to help. Keep reading to follow our Ultimate Travel Guide for Tall Men...

Why Pack Light?

Let's face it: traveling tall is already a chore. Traveling light can take a little extra weight off your shoulders (literally and figuratively).

It's Cheaper

Firstly, traveling light can save you tons of money. Checking a bag is expensive, and if you can keep your luggage to a simple carry-on, you'll thank yourself later. It also gets pricey if you over your luggage weight without realizing it - that's a headache you don't want to deal with at the airport.

It's Easier to Carry

This one's simple - packing lighter means less to carry and move around. Cramming into airport bathrooms is easier, storing your luggage in the plane is simple, and lay-overs are less stressful because all you have is light luggage in tow.

It's Faster

Not only is it faster to load up on the plane and get between lay-overs, but it's faster to pack and unpack before and after traveling. You'll have less belongings to worry about keeping track of during your travels, and packing up to go home will take you just a few minutes.

How to Pack Light for Summer Travel

Okay - so we've sold you. Packing light is the superior way. But how?

At this point, overpacking might have been a habit for so long, you don't even know where to begin only packing what you need. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Roll Your Shirts

Don't fold your shirts or (God forbid) just stuff them into your suitcase. Roll all your clothing instead! You'll be surprised with how much room you save doing so.

2. Pack Your Bag 75% Full

Make sure to avoid packing your bag to brim, especially if you plan on bringing souvenirs or gifts back. Leave space in anticipation for anything you'll want to bring back with you.

3. Pack Only What You Wear/Use Consistently

Repeat after me: if you didn't wear it in the last month, you probably won't wear it on your trip. If you're not already reaching for a specific piece of clothing all the time, you won't reach for it on vacation either.

4. Only Pack for 1 Week

If you're going on a trip longer than a week, only pack one week's worth of clothing. Packing an outfit for each of your 12 days of vacation is unnecessary and bulky, and it's way more expensive paying for a checked bag than paying to do your laundry there.

5. Bring the Right Shoes

As a rule of thumb, only bring 1-2 pairs of shoes, and pack the smaller pair in your suitcase (like flip flops or sandals). Make sure you only bring shoes you will wear consistently.

6. Wear Your Bulk

If you have to pack any bulky items like puffy jackets, boots, or sweatshirts, wear them to the airport. Airports are usually pretty chilly anyway, and no one will judge your odd fashion choices. Plus, you'll save much needed space in your luggage.

7. Bring Clothing You Can Mix & Match

Don't bring one-time outfits. Try picking shirts, shorts, pants, and jackets that can mix and match with each other to make fresh new outfits without overpacking. Pack neutral colors that look good together, and avoid crazy bold colors or prints that only look good with one other thing.

8. Size Down on Must-Haves

As you're packing, constantly ask yourself "can this size down?" Instead of a novel or two, pack a slim Kindle. Instead of bulky headphones, invest in AirPods. And if you need to check your computer on vacation, bring a bluetooth keyboard to attach to your phone instead of an entire laptop.

9. Fill Your Packed Shoes

If you packed any shoes in your suitcase, fill them! They have valuable space inside, and you won't want to waste it. Stuff socks, toiletries, or underwear inside to maximize space.

Tall Men's Travel Outfits You Need to Pack With You

So now you're an expert - ready to pack light and take on your next adventure. But before you dive in, you'll want to make sure you're looking stylish on your trip, too.

Here are a few outfit ideas for tall guys - each designed for your unique trip. Check them out below:

1. Plane-Travel Pro

Travel Outfit for Tall Men

Before any destination comes the travel, and that part isn't the easiest when you're tall. For optimum travel comfort, make sure to pack a loose breathable t-shirt and stretchy sweatpants, as well as a neck pillow! You might not be able to fit in the seat very easily, but you can dress for premium comfort.

2. Tropical Traveler

Tropical Travel Outfit for Tall Men

Traveling tropical? You'll want an outfit that keeps you cool and comfortable while you're exploring the jungle or out on the beach. Our Tall Tank Tops are the perfect way to work on your tan and flash those guns - pair with flip flops, sunglasses, and swim shorts, and that's a good day right there.

3. City Sightseer

City Traveling Outfit for Tall Men

Polished and professional, but causal and comfy at the same time. Pair one of our classy Pique Polos with some dressy walking shoes and a comfortable jacket for the perfect city-strolling look.

4. Mountain Migrant

Hiking Outfit for Tall Men

If you're a hiking mountain-trotter, you'll want to pack the perfect highlands outfit. Make sure to bring layers - climate can go from hot to cold much faster than anywhere else. Our Tall V-Neck Shirts are perfect for layering other jackets or flannels overtop, while keeping you cool and comfortable in direct sun.

5. Desert Drifter

Desert Outfit for Tall Men

Heading to the desert for a trip? You'll want to stay cool, sunscreened, and hydrated all day. Wear our classic Original T-Shirt for maximum versatility in the desert sun, paired with your favorite pair of walking shoes and breathable shorts.

6. Cold Weather Wanderer

Winter Outfit for Tall Men

Planning to cool off on vacation? Make sure to stay warm by packing a warm sweatshirt, jacket, snow pants, and snow boots (especially if you plan on doing outdoor activities like skiing or snowboarding!) Just remember to wear as many bulky items you can to the airport - you'll thank yourself later.

Wishing you safe travels and the perfect vacation! Good luck, tall guys.

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