What IS the Perfect Fit? Mystery Solved: How Your Clothes Should Fit as a Tall Man

What IS the Perfect Fit? Mystery Solved: How Your Clothes Should Fit as a Tall Man

You deserve clothes that fit - but what IS the perfect fit? Here are 4 rules to follow when picking out a new t-shirts (tall guys, you'll want to hear THIS):
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The truth is - there are some rules to fashion.

Of course, your personal style, preferences, and personality should shine through your clothing. But there are certain - cardinal sins, shall we call it? - that tall guys should avoid at all costs.

Here are 4 rules to follow for tall mens fashion - and 4 ways to determine if your clothes truly fit (plus how to find ones that do):

Tall Style Rule #1: Your Sleeves Should Be Long Enough

Tall Guy Wearing Tall Mens Long Sleeve

We have this as rule #1 because not many tall guys experience the luxury of wearing long sleeves that fit! Usually they are just a hair too short, and you're left pushing your sleeves up (which is neither comfortable nor stylish in the winter months).

Your long sleeve shirts should fall in just the right place on your wrist, not too short but not hanging over your hands. And if you think it's impossible to find a well fitting shirt for your lanky arms, think again - we sell Tall Long Sleeves that are tailored exactly for your body type!

Tall Style Rule #2: Your Shirt Should Be Long Enough (But Not Too Long)

Tall Man Wearing Tall Shirt

Rule #2: shirts not intended to be crop tops should not look like them! You've probably worn them more times than you'd like to admit. You buy a shirt that fits width-wise, but the moment you lift your arms, you're flashing your stomach to the world.

On the flip side, maybe you shoot for a shirt that's long enough - but now it's boxy and wide. You need to avoid both looks.

Your shirt should fit you width-wise, fitting comfortably on the sides and sleeves - but there should be plenty of fabric resting on your hips. All our shirts are designed to be that perfect combo: long, but not wide. Comfortable, but not boxy. Tall, but not big ;) Check out our selection here.

Tall Style Rule #3: Your Shirt Should Hug the Right Places

Tall Man Wearing Tall Men's Athletic Shirt

A big problem with "big and tall" clothing is that it might cover all your bases, but it doesn't hug the right spots or flatter your form. You worked hard for those muscles, and you deserve a shirt that shows off your build.

Your shirts, while remaining comfortable, long enough, and slim enough - should also hug the right places on your body. Your pec muscles should stand out, and your biceps should push through. Why hide in an oversized shirt when a perfectly fitting one will be more comfortable and flattering?

The model above is wearing our Tall Athletic Shirt, which is a favorite in the tall slim community. It's designed to flatter you - height and all. Check out our options here.

Tall Style Rule #4: Colors Should Coordinate

Tall Man Wearing Tall Coordinating Outfit

Last rule! Your colors should coordinate. It truly doesn't matter what colors you wear - if you like blue, wear blue and if you like red, wear red! But what does matter is how you style those colors.

Pair your favorite colors with neutrals. Avoid all dark or all light combinations. Layer with contrasts (black with white, blue with orange, yellow with purple, etc.) And don't neglect your shoes - they add to the color of your outfit just as much as a hat or t-shirt.

It's Not Rocket Science

Those who overcomplicate fashion don't understand the tall man's struggle - and the struggle is real! We get it: finding clothes that fit is a chore, let alone clothes that live up to all these standards.

But these clothes do exist! And you've already found them ;) Our selection of tall and slim mens clothing is full of options that will fit and flatter you. Tailored for your body, you can trust you'll be able to find something that flatters you better here than anywhere else.

Check out a few of our bestsellers below:

Tall Guy Wearing Tall T-Shirt

^^ Our bestselling product by far, the Original Crew Neck, is flattering, comfortable, and approved by countless tall slim guys. Pick from our 22 colors here.

Tall Men Wearing Tall Athletic Joggers

^^ We don't just sell shirts! Our Tall Athletic Joggers hug all the right places and feel comfortable and breezy at the gym. Check out our colors here.

Tall Man Wearing Tall Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

^^ As cold weather approaches, you want a sweatshirt you can trust. Our Tall Quarter Zip Jackets are comfortable, the sleeves are long enough (so check mark on rule #1) and warm. Order here!