Shopping for a Tall, Slim Guy? Avoid These 10 Style Mistakes

Shopping for a Tall, Slim Guy? Avoid These 10 Style Mistakes

Shopping for tall guys is hard - we know the struggle. Here are a few rules to follow when looking for that perfect piece of clothing for your tall guy:

Trying to find the perfect gift for your favorite tall slim guy?

Shopping for tall guys is hard - we know the struggle. Here are a few rules to follow when looking for that perfect piece of clothing for your tall guy:

1. Don't Buy Big & Tall

The biggest scam in the tall clothing industry, at least for slimmer guys, is "big and tall". You might think "big and tall" clothing is designed to fit your favorite tall guy, but this style is really just a larger version of normal sized clothing. Which means "big and tall" will be too wide, too baggy, and unattractive. Instead, opt for clothing designed specially for tall and slim - it will fit them so much better, and they will feel far more comfortable and confident. 

2. Make Sure the Size is Right - and the Return Policy is Generous

If you're buying a clothing gift for your favorite tall slim guy, size is everything. And sometimes that's hard to pinpoint! They might be a medium at one company, and a large at another. Go with your best guess, but make sure the company you're purchasing from has a great return policy. If your tall guy needs to exchange for a different size, you don't want them to go through a headache.

3. Avoid Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes will make your tall guy look even taller - and they probably don't need help in that department. Opt for the horizontal stripes instead - they are more flattering for tall slim guys. Or if stripes aren't his thing? Try something different entirely, like another pattern or solid colors.

4. Don't Buy Tight Fitting Pants

If you're brave enough to gift pants, do not go the tight fitting route. Tight fitting pants might look cool on a select few, but they make tall slim guys look even skinnier and more disproportionate. On the flip side, you don't want to buy baggy pants either. Just make sure you know their size and pick a pair that will fit them perfectly in between a tight fit and a baggy fit.

Tall Guys Wearing Tall Clothing

5. Buy Clothing That Can Be Layered

Want to go the safe route? Buy clothing that can be layered. Jackets, button ups, and pull overs are always a safe bet for tall slim guys, because they're flattering and fashionable, and there's a little more wiggle room in the size because they are intended to layer over other clothes. 

6. Going the V-Neck Route? Stay Subtle

V-Necks can add a touch of style to an otherwise boring t-shirt, but make sure it's subtle. Wide v-necks just don't look good - it doesn't matter what body type you have. Also, make sure your tall guy already has a few v-necks in his closet - from my experience, if a tall guy doesn't already wear v-necks he probably won't start wearing them out of the blue.

7. Don't Buy Too-Short-Sleeves

Any tall guy can attest: finding a long sleeve shirt with long enough sleeves is a struggle. But no one likes tugging on their sleeves in the cold, shoving them up to avoid that awkward length, and getting annoyed at their clothing. If you're going the long sleeve route, make sure the sleeves are long enough for your tall slim guy.

Tall Men Wearing Tall Men's Clothing

8. Buy Smaller, Tasteful Prints

Smaller prints are more stylish and tasteful than bigger, obnoxious ones. Stay classy and keep to simple patterns. They're flattering on any guy, but especially the tall and slim guys.

9. Go Bold, But Not Too Bold

Don't be afraid of color - especially in the summer, you can pull off some bold hues! Just make sure the guy you're buying for is comfortable with color. If he doesn't already wear some color, don't get him something he likely won't wear. If you want to go bold, focus on getting a color you know he already likes.

10. When In Doubt, Get Him a Gift Card

Okay - shopping for tall slim guys is hard. There is no shame in letting your favorite tall guy pick out his own clothes! He knows his style, fit, size, and preference better than anyone else. Don't be ashamed to grab him a gift card instead - he'll appreciate the gesture just as much ;)

As long as you follow these 10 rules, you really can't go wrong. Your favorite tall guy will love how you thought of him, and he'll appreciate your gesture! Good luck shopping ;)

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