4 Outfits Every Tall Beach Guy Needs in His Wardrobe

4 Outfits Every Tall Beach Guy Needs in His Wardrobe

Beach vacation this summer? Check out these 4 beach outfits for tall guys, each designed to equip you for all your favorite beach activities:
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Beach season is upon us, and as tall slim guys, it's not always easy knowing what to wear (or pack) for beach days.

We're here to help. We put together 4 unique beach outfits we know you'll love - each includes the tall fits you need, to equip you for all your favorite beach activities. Let's dive in (pun intended;)

1. Seaside Fisherman

Beach Fishing Outfit for Tall Guys

For the man who's favorite pastime is fishing, this beach fishing fit is designed just for you. Throw on our Casual Button Up for a light, breathable fishing shirt while you stand in the surf. Pair with a sun shielding hat and an ice cold beer, and you're set for an ideal vacation afternoon.

2. The Snorkeling Explorer

Snorkeling Outfit for Tall Guys

For the guy who loves adventuring on the beach: nothing beats a classic, ready-for-anything beach fit. Throw on some tall swim shorts, swim shoes, and a snorkel for a simple, ocean-ready outfit. And once you're done adventuring and dried off? Throw on one of our tall t-shirts to keep the sun off your back. This fit is ideal for any guy who loves exploring the ocean on beach day.

3. Beach Bum Fit

Beach Outfit for Tall Slim Guys

Okay, so maybe jumping into the ocean isn't your thing. If you're more of a sun-tanning, relax on the beach with a good book type of guy, this fit is for you. Our Tall Tanks allow you to get the perfect tan (just don't forget sunscreen!) I mean, vacations are for relaxing, right? This outfit is ideal for comfortable chilling on the beach.

4. The Boating Fit

Boating Beach Outfit for Tall Guys

Sometimes the boat life is where it's at. This fit is versatile, comfortable, and breathable for hot temps. Perfect for shielding you from the sun on your boat trips or morning walks on the beach, but keeping you cool and comfortable, you can't go wrong. Our Athletic Joggers are super comfortable, flattering, and breathable, and our classic t-shirts are a beach must. If your priority is comfort and versatility for your vacation, this fit is for you. 

Tall guys - we're the first to relate to the struggle of finding clothes that fit. But don't stress about finding the perfect vacation outfit; you'll find what works for you through time! As long as you're comfortable, confident, and enjoying your vacation, you're winning.

Good luck and enjoy the beach!