Best Sports for Tall People

Best Sports for Tall People

News flash: tall guys don't just play basketball! Here are 7 different sports that are great for tall guys - and they might be worth a shot. Read here:

Anyone who is taller than average by a few inches has heard the question “Do you play basketball?” too many times to count.

Not far behind is the question “Do you play volleyball?” Everyone knows that extra height can be useful in a game of basketball or volleyball - it's an obvious advantage. But have you ever wondered what other sports are out there for tall guys?

Here are just a few sports you may want to consider if you are the one who towers over your opponents in the playing field.

1. Boxing

Taller boxers have a longer reach, which is useful when pounding on your opponent. Heavyweight boxers are usually over 6 feet tall, and boxing is a surprisingly fun form of both cardio and strength training (plus, it's pretty stress-relieving punching something for half an hour).

It's not difficult to start replacing your typical gym routine with boxing. Most gyms have a punching bag in their weight room, but double check with your gym first to make sure. Then order some hand wraps and start training tomorrow!

2. Hurdles

The tallest runners seem to always be hurdlers. Height is especially useful in sprint distances where hurdles are the highest (42 inches for men and 33 inches for women). Your stride is longer, allowing you to cover more distance in shorter amounts of time. And leaping over those hurdles is a lot easier if you have long legs.

3. Rowing

Long, muscular limbs produce strong, powerful strokes. Most rowers tend to be tall and muscular. The average height for rowing medalists in the 2012 Olympics was 6’4’’ for men and 5’11’’ for women (aka TALL).

Another reason why rowing is awesome is because it works your entire body. Along with your legs, rowing works your back, shoulders, biceps, and core all at once (as well as improving your cardio). If you're looking for a great, well-rounded sport - this is the way to go.

4. Swimming

Since swimming is horizontal, taller people have the advantage, because they travel longer distances than those who are shorter and can begin turns further from the wall. Plus, long torsos are buoyant and slice through the water much easier than a shorter torso. The famed Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, is 6’ 4’’.

The nice thing about swimming? All you need is a swimsuit and a gym membership - no expensive gear or intense prep work. Swimming is also great on joints, so if you have weak knees or ankles, this is a great cardio alternative.

5. Tennis

A longer body can create more torque, which can lead to harder serves and returns when playing tennis. Tennis champion Venus Williams and Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova are both over 6 feet tall. Having that extra reach is a massive advantage.

6. Throwing

If you're looking for some serious muscle gain, try throwing. Those who are taller can spin a discus or hammer farther from their bodies, causing it to accelerate faster. You might be surprised at how far you can throw, and the training for throwing is weightlifting and strength training that's really beneficial to your health.

7. Water Polo

Long arms provide a huge advantage when it comes to intercepting the ball, as well as having a better whipping motion when throwing the ball. You'd be surprised at how fun water polo can be if you've never played it - you get all the strategy and teamwork within soccer or football without the joint strain.


People might only see you as an NBA potential, but you're more than just a sport. You're a well-rounded person with diverse interests, and you are capable of trying any sport you want!

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