Does Being Tall Make You Happier?

Does Being Tall Make You Happier?

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According to a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, both men and women who are above average height (for men 5’10’’ and for women 5’4’’) reported higher levels of happiness than those who were shorter. Those who rated their lives the lowest were on close to an inch shorter than the average population heights. Those who are taller rated themselves as more content and less likely to report a range of negative emotions like physical pain and sadness.

So why are all the tall folks enjoying rays of sunshine and clicking their heels compared to their shorter friends? According to the study analysis, these results are linked to education and income.

The study found that taller individuals tend to have more education which led to higher income levels than shorter people. While people say money can’t buy happiness, it can help ward off stress and worry, which does further contentment in life.

Does this mean that short people aren’t happy and tall people are never depressed? Of course not. Before those who are shorter start getting annoyed with all the tall individuals in their lives, it could be debated that the findings are more about income and quality of life than height.

However, a different study published in the British Medical Journal found that taller, slimmer individuals had a higher socioeconomic status than their shorter, heavier peers. The correlation between height and financial success was higher for men than women. In fact, evidence in the research found that an extra 2-and-a-half inches of height in a man correlated to nearly $4,200 more a year.

Whatever your height may be, it would be wise to stand straight and tall in your next meeting with your boss. It may just get you a bigger bonus.