Can Tall People Skateboard?

Can Tall People Skateboard?

No one should be deterred from trying out a new sport or activity they are interested in because of their height. However, it is always good to know advantages or disadvantages you may face because of your body type. Can tall individuals skateboard? Of course, but here are some disadvantages you may face and tips so you don’t get discouraged.

The shorter you are the lower your center of gravity is, while the taller you are, the higher your center of gravity is. A lower center of gravity assists with balance. Also, the taller you are, the more likely you have more body mass than a shorter individual. Having more body mass will require more force needed for movement. These two aspects can cause a more difficult time for a taller individual to skateboard, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible.

Some taller people have found that it is easier to learn on wider and longer boards. A wider and longer skateboard can help compensate for a higher center of gravity and the amount of effort needed to move a skater forward. While these types of boards are great for learning, keep in mind boarder skateboards are best for ramp riding. Smaller boards are much better for doing technical tricks, so keep this in mind if that is the route you want to take.

Strengthening core muscles is a good idea for all skaters, but especially for taller and bigger skaters. Strong core muscles will help propel yourself forwards with ease, even if you have more body mass.

Another thing to remember is that when learning, a taller skater is more likely to fall because of their higher center of gravity and falling is going to hurt more because you have further to go. Don’t skimp on padding and always wear a helmet.