Can Tall People Ride Motorcycles?

Can Tall People Ride Motorcycles?

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Of course you can ride motorcycles if you are tall, but it does mean you should look into bigger bikes that will more properly fit your stature. Here is a little advice from our tall biking friends when it comes to finding a motorcycle that will work for you. Get a measurement of your inseam and get a bike where the seat height is slightly less than your inseam. While many seat heights can be lowered, it isn’t as easy for them to be raised.

According to here are some of the best motorcycles for tall riders:

#1 Harley Davidson Wide Glide is known as one of the most comfortable rides on the markets. It has a comfortable knee angle for those with long legs and the seat is 28.6 inches off the ground, which is relatively high for a low-slung cruiser.

#2 Vulcan 900 Custom is best for a tall beginner rider. It’s a mid-size cruiser and has forward-mounted foot controls that will allow you to stretch your legs out.

#3 Harley Davidson Night Rod Special has low-rise handlebars which requires a lengthier stretch is great for those with long arms. The knee angle is 130-degrees, which makes it so the rider’s legs are almost straight, a comfortable stretch for those with long legs.

#4 Indian Chief Classic has a roomy, plush seat and long handlebars. The seat height isn’t as high as other recommended bikes, but it has a wide bar which should help eliminate any knee knocking tall riders may experience.

#5 Star Raider has high handlebars and a long stretch to the foot controls, which will make a more comfortable ride for tall riders. There are also 4 accessory seats to choose from for this bike, which gives more options for riding in comfort.

For more recommended bikes for tall riders, visit top ten list. The best move when it comes to buying a new motorcycle is going to different dealerships and try them out to see what is most comfortable for your size. Happy Riding!