Why Our Tall Athletic Joggers Are Better Than Lululemon

Why Our Tall Athletic Joggers Are Better Than Lululemon

Lululemon might make great athletic pants - but when you consider price, fit, and style, we believe we have them beat in the tall department. See why we believe our mens Tall Joggers are better than Lululemon's here:
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Here's the truth: Lululemon rules the market for athletic pants. Whether you're looking for women's leggings or men's tall joggers, they undoubtedly have you covered.

But Lululemon isn't always your best option - for starters, they're extremely expensive, and most of us can't just dump $150 on a pair of sweatpants.

We wholeheartedly believe we've created a pair of joggers for tall men that doesn't just rival Lululemon - but blows them out of the water. I know it's a bold statement. And we're here to tell you why.

But first, we have to ask the question...

What Makes a Good Pair of Mens Tall Joggers?

I don't know about you, but a pair of well-fitting, flattering joggers is extremely hard to find. Especially if you're a tall, slim dude. Your options are already limited in the tall market, and one factor can ruin the fit and feel of the pants.

There are 6 factors I look for in a good pair of tall mens joggers, and you should definitely consider them before you drop good money on a pair. They are:

Tall Guys Wearing Tall Athletic Joggers

Not Overly Baggy

Joggers for tall men are supposed to have a slimmer fit - they are not supposed to look like sweatpants. Achieving that fit is really hard, especially for tall guys - but not impossible. It's important your joggers fit slim.

Comfortable Waist

Most mens tall joggers have a drawstring waist, but depending on how its designed it can dig in, feel too tight, and ultimately feel really uncomfortable. Make sure the waist is well-fitting, comfortable, and soft.

Fitting Ankle Cuffs, But Not Too Tight

Another unique feature of joggers is the classic tight ankle cuff, arguably one of the most flattering features of all. Unfortunately, a lot of ankles cuffs feel too tight or (worse), don't lay low enough on your ankle. As a tall guy, it's important your mens tall joggers are joggers, not capris. That ankle cuff has to be perfect.

Breathable Material

Athletic joggers are intended to be worn while you exercise, which means the material has to be breathable and comfortable. If you feel like you're overheating while you're wearing them, something is wrong. That all boils down to the quality of the material used in the pants.

Functional Pockets (& Enough of Them)

In order to maintain a sleek look, a lot of big and tall joggers leave out essential pockets. The best is finding a pair of joggers that stays sleek and flattering, while having all the functional pockets you need for your phone, keys, and wallet.


And finally, cost. Sure, you might find a great pair of mens tall joggers, but they might be way to expensive for your budget. Finding a pair of athletic joggers that feels like luxury but doesn't break the bank is like finding gold.

Keep these factors in mind. We know it's harder to find a pair of well-fitting joggers for tall, slim guys like yourself - but not impossible.

We know Lululemon is known for their athletic joggers - we'd be insane to deny it. But we believe when you consider all the factors of what make a great pair of joggers, you'll be swayed to try TallSlim Tees out. Let's dive in:

1. More Pockets = More Functionality

Why TallSlim Tees Tall Joggers are Better Than Lululemon

Lululemon has 3 pockets - one back and two side. Our TallSlim Tees tall athletic joggers have 6 - two in the back, and two for each side. This provides plenty of room for your keys, phone, wallet, and anything else you'd rather not carry on your way to the gym. Plus, we made sure to keep our pockets slim and low profile, so our mens tall joggers maintain that sleek design.

2. Designed FOR Tall Guys

Why TallSlim Tees Tall Joggers are Better Than Lululemon

At TallSlim Tees, everything we make is designed to fit and flatter tall, slim guys. Lululemon's main market is for athletes in general - not specifically tall guys. And while they do offer big and tall joggers, they don't specialize in the tall market. We know the ins and outs of tall fashion, which means we know exactly how to make clothes that fit and flatter you. It's harder to trust a company that doesn't specialize in the "tall slim" market.

3. Better Side Pockets

Why TallSlim Tees Tall Joggers are Better Than Lululemon Side Pockets

While both Lululemon tall joggers and TallSlim Tees joggers feature a stylish ribbed detail on each side pocket, TallSlim Tees went a step further - we included an additional zipper pocket nested within the main one. This pocket is great for keeping your wedding ring secure while you workout, holding your Airpods, or any other smaller items. And when it comes to mens tall joggers, you can't make them too functional.

4. Ankle Cuffs Fall in the Perfect Place

Why TallSlim Tees Tall Joggers are Better Than Lululemon Ankle Cuffs

It's tough for taller guys to find joggers that fall in the right place on their ankle - if the pants aren't tall enough, they'll look more like capris, and that's neither flattering or comfortable. Our TallSlim Tees athletic joggers are designed for your long legs, which means you can be confident they'll fall in the right place on your ankle. As for Lululemon tall joggers... it's a gamble.

5. Uhhh, Price

Why TallSlim Tees Tall Joggers are Better Than Lululemon Price

Again, Lululemon makes some awesome mens tall joggers, and the quality they represent is truly impressive. But if you don't have hundreds of dollars to splurge on pants, what's a good alternative? Lululemon's joggers for tall men are currently priced at $128 - and as for TallSlim Tees, we sell our premium Tall Athletic Joggers at $65. That's nearly 50% off for a great alternative that checks al your boxes.

At the end of the day, we have to commend Lululemon for their quality and design. There's a reason so many people love their products.

But when you consider the fit, feel, quality, and price of our Tall Athletic Joggers, they're a much better deal for tall, slim guys. They have more pockets for maximum practicality, they are designed specifically to fit taller guys, and they are so much more affordable than Lululemon.

So the decision is up to you, tall guys. Happy shopping, and thanks for reading our head-to-head comparison between Lululemon tall joggers and ours! And if we've converted you to the TallSlim Tees side, make sure to snag a pair of our Tall Athletic Joggers today 😎