Will Taller Tires Increase Gas-mileage?

Will Taller Tires Increase Gas-mileage?

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Tall dudes love tall rides, the taller the better. It is a common sight to see tall guys stepping out of tall vehicles. This is partially because tall people fit better in bigger vehicles so tall people find it to be more comfortable having cars/trucks that they can actually fit inside.

A common misconception is that putting taller tires on your vehicle will increase the gas mileage. This misunderstanding comes from the thought that having a bigger tire means fewer rotations. Which is true, however, it also means that your tire is bigger and heavier. Putting taller tires on your truck will actually cause you to get worse mileage because it takes more energy to turn the tires.

If you do end up putting bigger tires on your vehicle, keep in mind that you will need to recalculate your odometer. Your vehicle is set to have a specific dimension of the tire and changing tire sizes will not give your correct data.

I don’t want you to think that I don’t like bigger tires, I feel the exact opposite! I actually love them! They make trucks look better but they do decrease performance. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to get bigger tires or not.