Best Gifts for Tall Girlfriends

Best Gifts for Tall Girlfriends

Today is August First, which means one thing… it is National Girlfriends Day. Many of you guys out there probably didn’t even know that today was a holiday but beware, if she knows about it and you don’t get her anything you may end up in the doghouse.

In honor of this great day, we want to share some gift ideas to get your tall girlfriend.

1. Shower Head Extension: It shows that you care about the little things.
2. Clothing Items that fit: A tall struggle that we are very familiar with is the fact that taller people have a hard time finding things that fit. Order her something that is tailored to her size and shape.
3. Tall Neck Travel Pillow: This is great especially if she will be traveling soon. Seats on planes aren’t made for tall folk, a fitted travel pillow will likely help.
4. Lifted Office Chair Wheels: If your tall lady-friend has a desk job, giving her new office wheels that will make the chair sit taller could be a life changer.
5. Longer Yoga Mat: Tall ladies don’t seem to fit right on the average yoga mat.

We hope this short list of tall gift ideas for your tall girlfriend will help you get through this uncommon holiday.

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