Who is Taller Fred or George?

Who is Taller Fred or George?

Some of you readers might be wondering who these two gents are… well let me tell you. Fred and George are the two twin brothers with red hair on Harry Potter. They are Ron’s two older brothers that always seem to be up to no good. They are both tall skinny red-heads that without a shadow of a doubt would look fabulous in a Talslimtee. But that is beside the point.

Today we are trying to figure out which one of these fictional characters is the tallest. We have two things working against us. One is that these two people are not real, they are just wizards out of a book. Two is that they are identical twins, which means they are probably almost the exact same height.

Fred for some reason is mentioned almost two-hundred more times that his crazy brother George. Which makes it difficult for us to know a lot about him. However, our good author Rowling did tell us a little bit about their height. She said that they are approximately the same height. Which is not much help. The world will never know who is the taller twin.

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