Where is Tallest Zip-line in the World

Where is Tallest Zip-line in the World

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On my last vacation, we decided to go stay with some friends that live down in Costa Rica. While we were there they took us to the longest series of zip lines in the whole country. It took about three hours to drive up the mountain just to get to the adventure park. It was high up in the mountains in the rain forest and you could hear monkeys from all directions.

We would connect to one line, zip down the mountain, disconnect, and hook to the next. We zipline for over two hours before we had circled back to the start. More than one of the lines was over a mile long and was so long you couldn’t see the end of it from the beginning. After my experience, I was curious if there were any ziplines longer than the one I had just been one. Turns out, there is!

In the United Arab Emirates, they have a zip line that is almost two miles long. Which was built by the same company that has the title for the majority of all the longest zip lines in the world. If you are out looking for a thrilling experience, look no further.

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