Men's Fashion Trend: Neck Ties

Men's Fashion Trend: Neck Ties

The classic necktie has been around for over a century and is still considered one of the best ways to take your wardrobe up a notch. In today’s world, it seems to be the only differentiation between business casual and business formal. Most men out there do not understand how to properly use a necktie.

First things first, not all ties are right for all guys. If you happen to be a tall skinny guy, you want a tall skinny tie. Most ties at the stores aren’t properly designed for this not so common body type. The base of the tie is too large and takes up to much of the body. Your necktie needs to complement your body shape. Being tall and skinny requires a tie that is tall and skinny, being short and stout requires a tie that is just that.

Your tie also shouldn’t hit the top of your belt buckle, it is too often then I see guys sitting on their ties because they are too long and other guys with ties that don’t even hit their belly buttons. On a final note, textured ties are the newest trend. Wearing wool ties or other ties that have are textured materials is what will make you the trendiest.

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