Are Tall Radiators Any Good?

Are Tall Radiators Any Good?

First of all, let’s start out by discussing what a tall radiator is. When most people hear the word Radiator, they think about the radiator in their car. With good reason, cause your car has a radiator. The discussion about “tall radiators” has nothing to do with your car.

A tall radiator is an internal heating device. A lot of older homes have internal heaters that go along the walls of rooms. Hotels often do as well. They are almost always horizontal and are parallel to the floor. It wasn’t until recently that some creative home designers decided to build some that didn’t look like such a sore thumb. So they decided to design some that go vertically instead of horizontally. This is where the phrase “tall radiator” comes from, but are they any good?

The worry about their efficiency is because hot air rises and cold are sinks. Horizontal radiators are low to the ground and blow the heat down to push the cold air around. The science seems pretty clear, but overall where or how you put your radiator doesn’t make much of a difference. It will heat a room just as good as any radiator. If you are in need of putting a new radiator in your house, choose whichever you feel looks the best.

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