What is the Tallest Dog Breed?

What is the Tallest Dog Breed?

In the world of dogs, there are some that can fit in your purse and some that can pull a covered wagon. It seems that they come in all sorts of shape, size, and color. I have seen dogs taller than me and I have seen dogs in peoples shirt pockets.

Despite the fact that there is a hand full of large dog breeds, the Great Dane takes the cake. The Great Dane breed is a German dog known for its hugeness! Some Great Dane’s are recorded to be over forty inches tall. This breed is ancient, these dogs have been bred for generations. They were often used for hunting purposes.

Their long legs are made for speed to catch prey on the run. They are very muscular and grow to weigh a minimum of 120 pounds. Despite the great stature of the Dane, they are actually very friendly dogs. Dog lovers often turn to this breed for its beauty and loyalty. Because they are so large however, they do eat an unusual amount of food and need frequent exercise to maintain proper health.

Tall people need tall best friends and the tallest dogs need the tallest owners!

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