What County has the Tallest People?

What County has the Tallest People?

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Genetics are absolutely crazy! You and I are made up of the same genetic material as those before us. If they were tall, we are tall; if they have connected earlobes, we will too. With that being said, in geographical areas where tall genes are found, it is likely that a lot of people in that area will be tall.

So what country has the tallest genes? According to WorldAtlas, the tallest countries are as follows:
1. Netherlands
2. Montenegro
3. Denmark
4. Norway
5. Serbia
6. Germany
7. Croatia
8. Czechia
9. Solvenia
10. Luxembourg

In the Netherlands, the average height is over six feet tall! The reason for this crazy tallness is because of their genetics, but also because of the nutrient-rich oceanic diet that they have. People are so commonly tall that all government buildings have very tall doorways.

The United States is not on this list. We seem like tall people, but because America is the “Mixing Pot” of the world; we become an average of all the people. It does not make the United States “short” it just doesn’t make us “tall”. The average height of everyone in the U.S is just shy of 5’9″, and the average height of number ten on our list is just above 5′ 9″.

Now we know.