Tallest Car Ever Made

Tallest Car Ever Made

Our fascination with everything tall extends far and wide. Today’s topic is one that we can all relate too…Cars! What is the World Record for the Tallest Car Ever Made? Let’s find out.

As far as “cars” go, the tallest manufactured car sits an amazing Five-Foot four inches off the ground. The Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB almost seems like an SUV it sits so high.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB is on its eighth version of the car and can come in different wheelbases. It first hit the streets in early 2017 in London, England. Rolls-Royce is known for its luxury and its abnormal vehicular structure. Building a car so tall is right up their ally. If you are a tall person looking for a car tall enough to fit your long neck this could be the car… if you have a half million dollars burning a hole in your pocket. The Phantom is a very popular car for high net worth NBA players. One, because they can afford it and two, they can actually fit in it.

This British car company is a subsidiary company of the industrial giant BMW, and has been making luxury vehicles since the nineteen hundreds.

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