Are Tall People Better at Fly Fishing?

Are Tall People Better at Fly Fishing?

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In celebration of National “Go Fishing” day let’s chat about the long-lasting debate over tall people being better fly fishers.

Regular fishing (bate fishing) does not really have anything to do with height. You just throw your pole in the water with something stinky on the end of it and you toss it in the water and wait. Being taller doesn’t mean you are more patient either, which is a key component in regular old fishing.

Fly fishing is a whole nother ball game. There is no sitting around and waiting, you are constantly throwing out the line and pulling it back. The reason that most people think that the taller you are the better at fly fishing you are is because the longer the lever the longer that cast. Tall people have tall arms. Tall arms mean that you have longer “levers” than the average fisherman. Tests have been done to show that taller people can cast farther.

If you are like most people, fishing might seem a little boring. If that is you, you are like me! I find regular fishing boring, I just don’t have the patience for it. Fly fishing; however, is constant movement and no waiting. I have also found that I always catch more fish fly fishing when compared to regular fishing. Besides, isn’t catching fish the whole point of fishing in the first place?