How Do You Feel About Men's Neck Scarves?

How Do You Feel About Men's Neck Scarves?

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Here is one for you, in 2019 one of the largest men’s fashion trends is wearing neck scarves. I personally have never owned nor worn a scarf in my whole life. I feel that there are better ways for keeping my neck all toasty, but it seems to be a pretty trendy thing to do nowadays.

This new trend doesn’t have much to do with keeping warm; people are wearing scarves inside as much as they are wearing them outside. The scarves are used more as an accessory to their outfits.

Scarves have been around for quite some time but have mainly been used for body heating purposes. So how do you properly wear scarves in a fashionable way? Three things to remember: First, wearing scarves with your favorite sports team logo on it is not going to get you any more style points. Second, the size of your scarf matters. Keep it sleek and fitted, bulk scarves will take away from your outfit not add to it. Third, wear a scarf that has a different color than the rest of your outfit. Let the color add some flair to what you are already wearing.

How do you guys feel about this new trend? Let us know!