Where is the Tallest Pool in the World?

Where is the Tallest Pool in the World?

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Swimming and tall people go hand in hand like cookies and milk. Swimming is most often considered a tall person sport. You can often see this when watching swimming events during the Olympics. Swimming and diving are fairly similar, but swimming is more horizontal and diving is more vertical. Being able to swim downward requires the same mechanics as swimming right to left. I am certain that many of you reading this today have swam before, but how many of you have dived before?

In the Belgian City of Brussels there is an architectural phenomenon called Nemo 33. At Nemo 33 you will find the deepest indoor pool on the planet! The pool is over one-hundred and ten feet deep. It takes over two and a half million liters of water to fill and is so deep that light struggles to reach the bottom.

The pool was built as part of a professional driving school, but also contains a bookshop, food court, and a swimwear store. Since being open it has become a major tourist attractant. Many visits are with zero intention of actually diving, and just visit to see the awesomeness.

Would you dive to the bottom? We would love to know.