What is Taller a Dwarf or a Hobbit?

What is Taller a Dwarf or a Hobbit?

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In the land of mythical creatures, beings come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and styles. Most of the time, whoever wrote these ancient legends would draw up whatever craziness came to their minds. In the case of the Dwarf versus the Hobbit conversation; we need to start out by understanding what each one of them is.

Dwarves: Are longer lankier creatures that have better longevity than hobbits. They also typically have hair on their faces and not their feet. They are typically shorter than elves.

Hobbits: Are Shorter and stouter and will have hairy feet. They also are known for their highly skilled crafting abilities. A great way to spot a hobbit is their pointed ears.

Source: Quora

To sum up our recent findings, we now know that dwarves are definitely taller than hobbits in the land of mystical creatures. Do they need a Tallslimtee? I would say no… but I would definitely say that their fairytale cousins the Cyclops will.

The Creators of these legends often insure great detail in the specific size of the creature. When writers paint pictures in the reader’s mind, it always helps create three-dimensional characters in our minds if we can picture the exact size and shape of the creature. What is your favorite mythical creature?