The Tall Man Movie

The Tall Man Movie

The Tall Man Movie is a movie that hit theaters in early 2012. It is based off an old French legend of a “Tall Man” who abducts people from a small town. I am not sure why a tall man would be more frightening than a normal sized man but it seems to be a trend among scary movies.

There have been multiple thrillers that have been given to the public that depict the “antagonist” as a tall skinny man. Which includes this movie in particular and the now famous Slenderman movie.

I would be surprised if any of you ready have ever even seen this movie because of its poor rating with the public. Most Critics only gave it a five out ten overall.

The best part of the movie had to have been the main actress Jessica Biel. Who played the role of a single mother who got caught up in the mayhem that was happening in the small town she had just moved to. The play that the creators had on the movie was focused primarily on the Phycological toll of a missing child. Critics seem to agree that this constant toll is what kept the movie entertaining.

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