Interesting New Trend in Men's Fashion

Interesting New Trend in Men's Fashion

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Want to look trendy, have convenience, and free your pants pocket of an unwanted bulky phone? Well, then this new men’s fashion trend will be right up your ally. It seems a little absurd but it is catching on more and more every day. According to the Wall Street Journal wearing your phone as an outer accessory is gaining popularity among men.

We carry our phones with us everywhere we go. I even sometimes end up in the shower with it still in my hand. Designers such as; Prada, Dior Men, and Palms Angels are starting to realize that your cellular device is now an extension of your body.

We continually see more and more accessories to allow easier cell phone carrying capabilities. It started out as a convenience but is now making its way into a fashion statement. Producers are selling thousands of luxury cell phone purses every day. Some of them costing over one-thousand dollars!

Over the last year, this trend was seen at all of the major “high-profile” fashion shows. Ranging from belt buckles, purses, and even necklaces. Would you wear your cellphone as a fashion accessory? or is this trend going to die out? Let us know what you think!