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The 15 Coolest And Newest Innovative Products You Can Buy Today

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We do a lot of web browsing and come across some really cool new products. So for your enjoyment, here’s a list of the 20 coolest new products on the market today!

  1. Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 – The laceless Nikes from Back to the Future are finally here. Available for everyone. And not only do they lace up, the Flyknit filaments make sure you have the perfect fit.
  2. Nikon KeyMission 360 – GoPro’s are cool, but this is even better. It’s like a 360 degree GoPro.
  3. Withings Thermo – A thermometer you don’t need to stick in your…anything. Just touch it to your temple.
  4. PlayStation VR Headset – The coolest looking (and most comfortable) VR headset yet. Plus, it hooks up to a great gaming console.
  5. LG Foldable Screen – Finally, we can roll up our screens. It’s taken long enough.
  6. Dyson’s Cu-Beam Duo – You may not know it, but your lights are the worst. This smart light gets all the right light in all the right places.
  7. Microsoft Surface Studio – Microsoft is making some great advances. The Surface Studio is next level in every way.
  8. Oculus Touch – VR with your hands. These super-cool controllers have smart sensors to capture your fingers’ movements.
  9. The Peloton Bike – This isn’t the exercise bike that lies dusty in your basement. This is the exercise bike that changes your life.
  10. Casio WSD-F10 – The smartwatch with super long battery life that connects to your Android and Apple gadgets.
  11. Allbirds Wool Runners – Wool shoes. That’s right. Innovation isn’t always all about technology. These are “the World’s most comfortable shoe,” according to TIME.
  12. Keen Home Smart Vent – Why are you wasting money heating parts of your house hardly ever use? Stop it. Get a smart vent then only heats the right parts.
  13. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator – Refrigerators are so boring. All they do is keep delicious food inside for us. Samsung has now made them officially not boring by slapping a 21.5-inch tablet on the front of them.
  14. Parrot DISCO Drone – Drones with rotors are over. The new DISCO is all about fixed wings. And it practically flies itself.
  15. The TallSlim Tee – Yep, that’s us. TallSlim Tees are one of a kind. They have a narrower, tapered fit through the body, smaller armholes, more fitted, longer sleeves and a lot of extra length. Their 50/50 cotton/polyester blend make them soft, light, flexible, and practically unshrinkable. Get yourself one of the most innovative products on the market, your very own TallSlim Tee