obscure hobbies that tall people are just better at

Obscure Hobbies That Tall People Are Just Better At

Tall people come in all different shapes and sizes. Yes, we are all tall, but some have long arms and short torsos, some have long torsos and short arms, and some just have really long legs. Depending on your particular build, you have may have realized you are particularly good at one of these obscure hobbies.

Putting up Christmas Lights

putting up christmas lights

Come every Christmas season (or any time of the year, if you’re one of those people) putting up Christmas lights becomes every tall person’s favorite hobby . . . or least favorite hobby, depending on how many short friends you have.



Small people make good cyclists, but so do tall thin people. Our legs provide better leverage on the pedal crankshafts while our lean frame still cuts right through any headwind. Just make sure you get a bike that fits.

Rock Climbing

rock climbing

Yes, we do get a head start getting up the wall, and yes we can reach those tough holds, but as any tall person who has ever been climbing knows, it isn’t quite that simple. And of course, training for rock climbing is a whole different story.

Reaching Stuff

tall reach

Although reaching stuff may not technically be a hobby, if it was, we’d be really good it.



This one is a given. Height equals leverage. There really is no disadvantage to being tall for this one. So throw on your TallSlim Tee, and hop on a rowboat and put that long back to work.

Helping short people realize their shortness

short people

Although some may not recognize this as a hobby, it is nonetheless a very important activity. Even if we aren’t dunking basketballs or catching endless footballs in the end zone without even jumping, we can still do some good in the world by helping a short person realize that, yes, they are short, and yes, we are tall.


tall photographer

This one may not be obvious, however, it is a well-known fact that people look better from a higher point of view in a photograph. Tall people naturally have the higher point of view.

But not this

horse jockey

Sadly horse jockeying just isn’t for us. Tall people don’t win at being a horse jockey in any way. Leave this one for the short folks and don’t end up like this guy.

Whatever your obscure, tall-person hobby may be, you’ll look better doing it in a TallSlim Tee.