mantras for tall slim guys

Mantras For Tall Slim Guys

Every once in awhile (usually when you bang your head on something), you might think to yourself, “Man, being tall sucks!” It’s times like those when you need to remind yourself that you couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, being tall is freaking awesome. There are countless benefits, and you’re so incredibly lucky. That’s why TallSlim Tees has gone through the trouble of putting together a few empowering mantras that you can say to yourself whenever you doubt the greatness of your height.

1. Never A Bad Seat In The House

Ever get floor seating at a concert and not be able to see the stage?

No, of course you haven’t, and that’s the point.

Being tall rocks because no matter where your seats are, you can see the stage. You might take this fact for granted, but consider all the average-height or short folks who frequently can’t see a thing.

It’s easy to forget, but being several inches taller than everyone makes it easier to see everything in a crowd, whether you’re sitting or standing.

2. Even If You Can’t Play Sports, You Can Kind Of Play Sports.

Did you ever get picked last when it was time to play basketball in gym class?

Of course not, and it doesn’t even matter how athletic or unathletic you were. You just can’t teach height, and size puts you at a tremendous advantage in many sports like basketball and football.

Even if all you actually do is stand there with your arms up, the fact you’re tall makes you at least kinda good at many sports. Whenever you’re feeling unathletic, just remind yourself that you’re automatically pretty good.

3. Living That High Shelf Life

“Hey, can you help me out? I can’t reach that top shelf,” SAID NO TALL PERSON EVER.

Take a moment and imagine the downsides of being short. Imagine actually not being able to reach that top shelf. Imagine needing to rely on other people to help you with simple things like navigating your kitchen and shopping for groceries.

Now that you’ve take a trip down Nightmare Lane, open your eyes and realize that you don’t have to go through any of that.

As with anything, height does have its drawbacks (until recently, it was tough to find a T-shirt that fit), but they are more than outweighed by the positives.

Anytime you’re getting down on yourself, just think of these three height mantras and realize that living the tall life is actually the best thing ever.