Taller People at Higher Risk of Getting Coronavirus

Taller People at Higher Risk of Getting Coronavirus

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See what we did there in the title? You know you like it.

Sorry fellas, while there are a lot of perks to being tall, you’re also more likely to get coronavirus. So I guess the coronavirus floats through the air and lands on whoever is tall.

But have no fear! We are here to give you the best tips to avoid getting sick.

Don’t go inside

Ducking through the door is hard enough and it’s also where all the sickness is hiding, so don’t even bother going inside buildings. Being outdoors will keep you away from all the germs circulating indoors. Walking, hiking, or doing any other physical activity outside is great for your body and your health. Now is the perfect time to go camping or golfing. Get as much fresh air as you can!


Getting enough sleep is so important! While you sleep, your body makes a protein that helps with your immune system response to infection and inflammation. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Keep your distance

You’ve got the vertical distance down, but be sure to up your horizontal distance too. We’ve been told to stay at least 6ft apart to prevent the spread of coronavirus. If you need help measuring, just lay down.

Good nutrition

You’ve been told from a young age that eating fruits and vegetables was good for you and it’s true! Here’s a good whole food supplement that can help you get more fruits and vegetables and also keeps you from having to go inside a store.

Wash your hands

Don’t be gross! Germs can be on any surface or object so it is important to wash the germs away before you touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs.

Don’t make out with your girlfriend…

…if she has the coronavirus. And if she doesn’t have coronavirus, make sure you know how to kiss her. But really, germs can be spread through kissing so if you or your partner are sick, put the kissing on hold.

Be happy

If you’re happy and you’re tall, clap your hands. *clap* *clap* Being happy is good for your mental health and can also keep your immune system strong.

Follow these tips, don’t fear being tall, and stay healthy!

Oh and P.S.- the connection between height and coronavirus infection isn’t all that substantiated, so ultimately we may not have much to fear 🙂