Style Tips For Tall Skinny Guys

Style Tips For Tall Skinny Guys

If you are in the tall and skinny men’s club, hovering over the crowd at six feet or taller, dressing well can feel like a challenge. Not only are most “big and tall” department stores tailored for body types with more girth, but choosing correct patterns, layers, and cuts can create a cumbersome task. The process of finding clothes that are stylish for tall, skinny guys doesn’t have to be complicated or even expensive. By adhering to a few simple guidelines when shopping for tall skinny guys styles, you can build a wardrobe that exudes both confidence and class.

Start from the bottom

Finding correctly fitting pants is essential to ensuring a put-together look for longer legs. When shopping at common department stores in the big and tall section, it can seem convenient to opt for a looser fit pant to accompany a longer length. However, this option is not the most flattering or stylish for tall skinny guys. Instead, try to keep these two rules of thumb in your back pocket:

1) Go for the slim fit: contrary to popular belief, a slim fit draws the eye towards all the right places, creating more depth and texture to your outfit.

2) Avoid low-rise pants: low-cut pants can exaggerate the elongation of the body. Choosing a high-waisted pant and accessorizing with a belt can help break up the appearance of the torso.

3) Cuff it up: it is always better to purchase pants that have a little extra length than buying pants that are too short. You can always hire a good tailor to take a few inches off of the length. Utilize larger cuffs to complete the final look.

Choose the right shoes

Shoes may not seem like a big deal to the average man, but they are essential and stylish for tall skinny guys. Shoes help draw attention downward and can accentuate your legs in all the right ways, if styled correctly.

1) Avoid bulky shoes: pairing wider, clunky shoes with the aforementioned slim-cut pants can create a stick-like effect on the legs.

2) Casual, yet classy: boat shoes and canvas lace-up shoes are some of the more trendy shoe options for accentuating masculine legs.

3) Mix it up: back in the day, it was unacceptable to deviate from the perfectly matched shoe and belt combo. Modern times call for changing it up! Feel free to mix and match patterns and texture with your accessories to help break up the look.

Tie it together

One of the worst mistakes for tall skinny guys styles is pairing a perfectly stylish outfit with the wrong tie. Do you go with a long, wider tie and a bulky knot, or a slender tie with a smaller knot? The options are both endless and confusing. Finding the correct neck tie doesn’t have to be complicated.

1) Slimmer doesn’t equal trimmer: although wearing a slim tie when you’re already skinny may not seem like the smarter route, it can significantly add some width to a slender build. Aim for a 2.25” – 2.75” tie.

2) Don’t fall short: try choosing a tie that falls to the pants line. This should be fairly easy to accomplish if you are wearing higher-waisted pants.

3) To knot, or not?: because you are likely wearing a slim tie, it is crucial to sport an appropriately proportionate knot. Try sporting a smaller knot at the neck in order to compliment the skinny tie.

Patterns and texture

Choosing garments with contrasting patterns and prints in addition to layering clothes can add both bulk and dimension to any look.

1) Horizontally aware: stripes are a trendy option year-round. Stripes are great for accessories such as ties, socks, and scarves–but stick with horizontal stripes only! Vertical stripes will only add to the elongation of your torso.

2) Layer, layer, layer: adding layers of texture and color to your outfit creates a bulkier illusion. Rather than wearing two or three sweaters to add bulk, play around with different lengths and textures. You may want to invest in proper layering items like jackets, vests, and undershirts.

3) Go graphic, go bold: graphic tees are a wonderful way to draw the eye downward towards the mid-section. These are some of the best types of shirts to layer with either a vest or a button-down. Similarly, giant, bold prints are invaluable for adding depth to a slender man’s wardrobe.

Tall guy in a little shirt

Lastly, one of the most important tips for dressing a tall, slender build is to embrace casual shirts and blazers as allies. Although it is easy and somewhat thrilling to pick out just any novelty shirt at your favorite department store, take caution to ensure your shirts are appropriately tailored for your body type.

1) Flattering fabrics: When searching for the perfect casual shirt, avoid loose-fitting shirts. Instead, try donning a lightweight fabric that doesn’t cling to your body. Don’t confuse this with a tight-fitting look, which doesn’t flatter skinnier builds.

2) A look that suits you: suits and blazer jackets can only diminish your bulk if not fitted properly. Make sure there are no bumps or shoulder pads in the fabric, as this can actually make your shoulder area appear smaller.

3) Where the shirt meets the belt: this idea applies to both shirts and jackets. If your shirt cannot be slightly tucked into your pants, then the shirts are too short. On the contrary, you also don’t want your shirt to fit too long down your torso area. This can cause a sloppy, oversized presentation.

While being a tall, slender man comes with many complexities when shopping, it doesn’t have to be a hindrance from upping your wardrobe game. Taking some extra time to shop around for more flattering styles and investing in a good tailor will transform both your closet and your style. After all, standing out from the crowd doesn’t always mean dressing like the crowd.

We teamed up with Alex Rogers to create this guide. Alex is a beard aficionado who loves everything to do with men’s style and grooming. After discovering how much difference simple style and grooming made to his life, he started his blog and brand Norse Grooming to share valuable tips & products with others.