Business update from Sam

New Heights: a business update from Sam

Hi fam,

One of the many reasons that our previous owner, Dan, built such a strong community of tall guys was his transparency. I know many of you appreciated this (I did as a customer). I hope to continue that transparency with regular updates for you all.

We’re two weeks into the transition of ownership and it has been wild. We started receiving inventory into our warehouse on 6/2 and we already had a significant backlog of orders. Our warehouse team worked hard to count everything and get orders out as quickly as possible. I know many of you had issues or delays with your orders, I’m really grateful for your patience and understanding. Silver Lining – I’ve enjoyed getting to know many of you through these issues ?

We’ll introduce each of our team members in a later update – we’re a small team of 3 full timers and 3 part timers. Everyone on our team wears a lot of hats, so there’s a good chance you’ll interact with one of our team members in the future (spoiler alert: they’re awesome).

Our marketing team sent out a survey last week, and I’m truly humbled by how many responses we got. Here are some of the most common improvements requested:
1. Products Out of Stock – We’re investing in inventory. In fact, we just placed the largest order ever for this brand. We should be restocking everything in ~2 months.
2. Product Changes – Many of you are concerned that we’re going to try and reinvent the wheel. We won’t. But we will be adding new products in the near future!
3. Customer Experience Changes – We have big shoes to fill here. Many of you have raved about Dan’s customer service in the past. We hope to continue this level of service.

Thank you for sticking with us through this transition, we really look forward to serving you now and in the future. As always, please feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns at