From The Founder - July 2021

From The Founder - July 2021

Howdy everybody! Founder Dan here with a few updates for you in a new monthly blog segment “From The Founder” that you can catch at the start of every month.

First off, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for all the messages of encouragement and support. After sending out the email notification of the sale of the company, I heard back from so many of you, and it was great to read through all your comments. So thank you for that.

Second, thank you for continuing to support the brand during the ownership transition. Sam and his team are doing great things and have big plans. He shared with me some of the results of his survey, and one of the top pieces of feedback was that no one wanted the fit, feel and quality of the shirts to change.

Nothing will be changing, and I’m happy to hear I did something right for so many of you to not want anything to change 🙂

So what has life been like for me since selling the company? Trying to stay busy mostly. I’ve been helping my partners with our gag gift company which has been fun. I’ve been exploring some offline business ventures here where I live as well which has been going well.

A lot of friends and family have asked how I’ve handled the transition. To be honest, while it has been bittersweet to no longer be running the brand I started 7 years ago, it’s been a bit of fresh air to not have the stress and pressure of keeping things going. It made chemotherapy all that much harder when I was worried about the company.

Now that I don’t have to worry about it, it’s been nice to finally have a chance to relax. I’ve been able to see my wife and kids a lot more and help out with their activities and around the house. While it is hard not to be busy and actively engaged in a business right now, I’m sure the right opportunity will come along soon enough to get me back in the game.

Thanks again for all the support and stay tuned for future updates!