New Heights: July 2021 Update from Sam

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Hi fam.

We’re embarking on month 2 of running TallSlim Tees. What a ride it has been already! I’ve genuinely enjoyed getting to know many of you, we have some awesome customers.

I wanted to provide another quick business update for you all. Here are few “what’s happenings” in all things TallSlim Tees:

? We have finally caught up in our warehouse here and feel like we can breathe. I really appreciate your patience thus far in getting these orders from our warehouse to your door!

? We implemented a return portal. In the past, customers were responsible for bringing their order to the post office, waiting in line, paying the retail rate for the shipping and then handing the order over to USPS. You can now automatically generate a return label in the portal and return your order without leaving your house (oh and exchanges and returns for store credit are FREE).

✈️ We’ve added an Expedited Shipping option! When you opt for Expedited Shipping, your order is shipped via FedEx and received in 2-3 days.

I know the big question that everyone has: when will everything be back in stock? We’ve experienced a slight delay with our supplier and now expect to restock in late August. BUT we do have a little surprise launch in the next few weeks (hint: Prime your engines!).

That’s all I have for today. More to come next month!