From The Founder - August 2021

From The Founder - August 2021

Hello everyone! Founder Dan back again with another update for you all.

I’ve been continuing to stay in touch with Sam and his team on the transition as a consultant. I’m happy to keep helping out, offering advice, and answering questions. Letting go of the brand was tough, so being able to stay connected to it in this way has made the transition a lot easier on me.

I put in an offer for a retail space here locally and waiting on the counter offer, so I should have my next project up and running here very soon! I’m very excited about it, and can share all the details once everything is done and finalized.

School just started up for us this week and that’s been a nice change. Being home all day, every day, was a big adjustment for me, but I think it’s good for the kids to get back to doing something else and not driving me crazy 🙂

Happy to report that I’m still cancer-free and feeling good. I’ll continue to do the regular tests and doctor visits to ensure I stay that way.

I hope life is going well for each of you, and stay tuned for more updates next month!