Tall Of Fame: Shawn Bradley

Tall Of Fame: Shawn Bradley

Shawn Bradley is a 7’6″ former NBA basketball player. His collegiate career began at BYU, earning him the nickname “Stormin’ Mormon.” He is one of the tallest men to ever play in the NBA. And this week we feature him in our Tall Of Fame.

Sure Shawn Bradley had a memorable basketball career. And yes, he made a name for himself as a shot blocker, something his height made him uniquely suited to do. But we do not honor him in the Tall Of Fame for his accomplishments on the court.

No, Bradley is our first official inductee into the Tall Of Fame because he’s done some great things. First of all, when he was just 19 and had a very promising basketball career ahead of him, he spent a full two years of his life being a Mormon missionary in Australia. To perform this service meant giving up millions of dollars he could have made in the NBA as well as any other accolades he could have earned playing in the beginning of his prime.

After his NBA career ended in 2005, Bradley decided to help out a private school for at-risk youths. He was something of a principal, counselor and coach. Because of his fame he was able to command respect and credibility as the kids literally and figuratively looked up to him.

We also respect anyone who settles down as a family man, which Bradley has done. Along with his wife and six kids, he lives in St. George, Utah.

Bradley also made a big donation to a facility for children affected by HIV and AIDS. He is also a spokesperson for the Children’s Miracle Network. Bradley also participated in the Basketball Without Borders program.

For all he has done and continues to do to help others and be an all around great person, we salute Shawn Bradley and recognize him in the Tall Of Fame.