Introducing The Tall Of Fame

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Things are about to change here at TallSlim Tees. As we continue to expand and grow we have realized we need to be doing more to help people find us. As part of our new plan to do that, we are going to be posting a regular blog series called the Tall of Fame.

We are going to highlight the life and career of one of our fellow tall friends. Hopefully we can keep this up each week. We’ll be sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, the usual suspects. Make sure you are following us there for updates.

If you want to nominate someone for the Tall of Fame, please contact us! We may slant towards tall people with a bit of infamy, but we are happy to highlight any old tall person who you think needs recognition for something great they have done.

So stay tuned for more and let us know if there is anyone we need to highlight!