Giraffes Are Four Species Now

I guess it doesn’t make much sense to say that they are now four species. They have been four species all along and it was only just recently discovered. But there you have it. Our tall friends from another species took a big step forward.

This was first reported by Current Biology. But the findings can have a big impact on giraffe populations.

As it turns out, giraffes don’t interbreed between species. So while we know there are roughly 100,000 giraffes in the wild now, down from 150,000 thirty years ago, we can now divide them into their species to get a better understanding. Perhaps the northern giraffe is doing just fine while the southern giraffe is endangered. We’ll now be able to figure that out.

We here at TallSlim Tees salute the scientists behind these findings. Anything that helps our fellow tall sojourners on this earth is good news indeed!